Al and Bess Capsuto with baby Leon.







Louis Rockoff  (Bess's brother) and Bess


Leon Capsuto






Bess and Brenda

Caroline Breitkoph (Bess's sister)  


Rabbi --  Edwin Soslow 

Leon Capsuto


Grandpa Rockoff (Bess's father).









Center is Bess



Bess , Caroline , Belle, --- Front is Rose   [The Rockoff Sisters]




No Idea who they are..








Becky, Al and Howie

Al and Bess



Bess, Belle and Harrie


Center Nona and two to right is Papou (50th -- Taken in 1961)

Backrow -  Eddie, Becky,Sammy, Al

Front -  Jeannie , Hermie, Nona (Rachel), Jackie, Papou (Morris), Syke on lap.. 















Bess and Allen

Leon and Rona


Bess and perhaps nighbor Mrs Spector

Al and Mrs Spector and ?????

Al Capsuto with Harrie Sussman (Larry Susmans's dad)






Bess and Leon is child in background and to left Harry

A baby....






Bess's mother ..   Becky Rockoff (or Becky Feingold)

Al and Bess

They look happy... whoever they are!!



Marrie's Family???


Marrie's Family???



Leon's Bar Mitzvah   -- March 3rd 1945

Back Row --  Bess, Rhoda, Al

Front Row - Morris (Al's father) , Rachel (Al's mother) , Leon,Becky (Bess Mother)


Bess's Nephew.  Stanly Breitkoff


Harry, Belle, Bess and Al


Al and Bess

Al with ???  and ????

Hermie and Al

Becky, Bess, Syke, Al

Al with little kids..


Bess, Rona, Al, Leon, Steven and Allen







Friend Marie with Allen and Steven.


Jackie, AL and Hermie


Tommy and AL

Diane and Larry Sussman


Aunt Caroline Breitkopf and Mr Breitkopf and baby Breitkopf  in middle???


Mystory Picture!! 




Beckie and Tommy





Leon and Rona

Allen Syke and Steven


Howie Berg and Al Capsuto

Al Capsuto


Becky, Al and Syke.

Al, Tommy and Bess

Capt Howie





Bess with her sisters  (Belle on far left , Rose near left) and Caroline on right.


Al, Bess, Becky and Tommy. 



July 17th --  Al Capsuto bithcertificate. 


Sharon and Sam Rockoff


Libby ,????,  Bess and Al

Libby, Skye, Wendy ,Bess,Rhoda 

Al and Hermie

Dianne ???  and Leon and Rhoda.. 




Leon Capsuto front row sned from left. 

Rona Capsuto in Cherry Hill



This week on Okinawa -- By Herman Capsuto