Al and Bess 50th Anniversary Photos:




Belle and Harry Sussman (Bess's sister)

Uncle Hermie

Eddie and Cousin Ray Albahe

Al and Bess with Mannette Greenhut  daughtor of Bert and Matt Greenhut

50th Wedding  with Jackie singing.(Al's Brother)

Syke and Hermie


Leon with a big smile!!!

Jackie , Sammy from Calafornia (Al's Brother), Hermie, Bess and Al , Harrie Susman ,Lester Tokars (Bess's sister Roses' Husband)

Jackie, Syke Belle, Bess and Al

Jeannie (sister of Al), Wendy , Brenda  and right is Becky (sister of Al)

Jeannie, Eddy , Syke,Belle (in profile), Jackie behind Bess, Al, Brenda,Wendy, Rose Tokars (Bess'es Sister) Becky.... behind Brenda is Harry and next to him Bess'es brother-in-law ?? Tokars??

Brenda , Wendy , Allen , Becky

Allen,Jeannie ,Syke, Belle , Hermie (in background) , Bess ,Al , Harrie,  Brenda, Wendy , Rose?, Becky

Al, Bess and Eddie

Allen , ??, Al, Bess, Brenda , Steven, Wendy





Al and Bess with Libby (purple top) and Hermie and then Jeannie, Eddie, ?? Tockars and Rose..  


2nd  Row: from left  --Eda Capsuto married to uncle Jackie who is on back row , Al , Tommy Rissman (Becky's Husband)

Front Row: Sammy,Bess, Becky and Belle

Syke, Larry Sussman, Brian Sussman, Dianne Sussman, Rona , Al , Leon , Rhoda , Lany,  ??  Joel's Wife ???, Joel Sussman????

Sammy, Eda, Jackie, Belle, Harry, Becky

Rose Tokars , Lester Tokars, Jeanie , Hermie and Libby.

Blue Dress is Rose Levenston  (of Rose and Herman) .. to right Marie friend of Al and Bess....   Far right is Bert (female friend of Al and Bess), Bert husband is behind her.


Tommy and Becky Rissman.

Sammy , Eda, Bess, Becky , Belle and Harrie
Back Row:  Jackie , Al and Tommie


Marie (friend) and Bess.



Friends Ike and Molly Behar





Hermie and Mannette Greenhut






Libby and Hermie





Lanny, Hermie,Libby,Sammy ,Rona, Steven, Backy all the way to the right.

Jackie and Rona. 


Jeannie and Eddie

Eda (Jackie's wife ) talking to Sammy.

Hermie and Rona.

????,????,  Sammy

Branda and Steven..


Annie and Hermie

Marie and Al

Annie and Sammy




Betty Elias and Bess

Al and Bess


Al, Sammy and Rona...

Rona and Leon

Al and his sister Jeannie  --   On right isd Lanny, Rhoda and Bert.

Wendy and Brenda

Becky and Allen

Al and Libby 

Al and Jeannie

Bess and Al


Hermie, Libby, Rona and Leon. 

Hermie and Betty Elias

Diann Susman, Eddie Capsuto, Franco (firend of Eddie) ,  Rona

Al and Bess

Back Row:  Harry Sussman, Belle Sussman, Al and Bess, Syke, Tommy Rissman, Jeannie Cohen, Libby . Becky, Sammy, Jackie

Frotn Row -  Hermie, Rose Tokars and Husband Mr Tokars....Eda (Sandie's Mom/ Jackie;s wife)


Backrow:  Harry, Belle, Al and Bess, Syke, Tommy, Jeannie, Libby, Becky, Sammy, Jackie.

Font Row: Hermie, Rosa (Bess's sister) , Lester Tokar (roses husband), Eda (Jackie's wife)

See note on above photo.

Hermie Jackie Jeanie becky Sam, Eddie and Al

Bess with her sisters Belle (left) and Rose (seated).



Al and Bess's nieghbors. 





Hermie and Larry Sussman


Loibby, Rona and Leon.

Dianne , Rona , Norman and Brabra Greenhut's ,  Menette Greenhut. .


Becky, Jeanie, Eddie and Syke

Syke, Lanny, Jackie, Jeanie and Becky.


Syke and Libby

Rona, Tommy, Lester Tokars, Rose Tokars, Hermie and Dianne Sussman in forground.

Hermie and Libby

Libby and Bess


Rona and Syke


Brenda and Hermie with Hair!!!!!!

Brands , Hermie and Steven

Branda, Hermie, Steven with Wendy in Back

Rose and Leter Tokar.

Mr Tokars, Dianne Sussman and Rona Capsuto

Larry and Brian Sussman

Uncle Jackie


Jeanie and Al Capsuto

Syke , Rona, Becky, Eddie, Bess with back turned and ????



Lester and Rose.Tokars






Steven in center and Sammy on right. 

Bert in the glasses, Syke , Rona, Eddie

Bert in the glasses, Syke , Rona, Eddie

Allen Capsuto


Mennette, Bess (background) , Betty Elias (on right)

Mennette Greenhut,  Bess and Belle(background) , Betty Elias (on right)

Syke.   (photo by Rona)


Syke, Rona, Eddie, Belle


Bess and Sammy

Jeannie center of photo

On right standing is friend Rose.


Jackie and Al


Leon, Tokars and Tommy


Libby and Jackie


Rona and Hermie

Rona , Beckie and Syke. 

Al and Bess

Allen and Hermie

Jeannie, Rona , Skye Eda Libby , Hermie , Becky

Hermie and cleaning staff at hotel. 

Back - Tommy and Rona.

Middle -  Sammy , Sykie, Eda, Becky, Libby.

Front -  Jeannie ,Jackie, Hermiem,  Eddie

Back --Jeannie, Rona, Syke, Eda, Libby

Front --Hermie and Becky.

Eda, Hermie,Rona ,Libby, Syke and

Jeanie up front.

Eda, Rona, Libby

Hermie with his hand over Jeannie



Sammy and Hermie. 

Sammy in back sear..

Eddie and Jackie









This was placed inside the front cover of the Al and Bess "50th/Wedding" albumb.






Bess in front row...  third from left.

?????  Wedding ?????