Above:  Allen and Steven in Longbeach NY at Al and Bess Capsuto's



Rhoda and Becky Nana and Al and Bess (background)




Far Left Fanny Selsky --  Grandpa Al Capsuto and Wendy Bell. 


Aunt Belle and Steven Capsuto  - Bess , Nona and Betty Elias.  

Rona and Steven. 


Nona...   on right is Bettry Elias


Becky, Jeannie  and Betty Elias. 




Izzy Selsky and   Bess Capsuto with Wendy Bell.. 



Steven and Becky.. 






Al and Bess 


Rona Capsuto


Brothers Steven and Allen Capsuto


Hermie, his sister Jeannie,  Harry Sussman (Larry's father) Fanny and Izzy Selsky. 


Unknow, Hermie  ,  Jeannie  and Harry 

Harry Sussman and Hermie. 

Brenda and Steven


Allen Capsuto