BRAG 2009

June 6th 2009 to June 13th 2009





Pre Helen Descent Rest Stop:


Near 6 GAPS -- 7 Mile Down Hill to Helen GA....  What Could Go Wrong with a 1000 people on bicycles going down a steep hill?


Brake Heat Induced Flat

No Problem... They ride back UP the hill to try again!!!!


Other People Pass By


SAG to the rescue!!!


We ride Into Helen


For Tommy - Here is Your "Yonah Burger."





Question: What would possess MANY grown men to visit "Babyland General"

Answer: Air Conditioning.


Across the Street From "Babyland General"


Random Street Shots:


Gym Living:


GOT Bubba?

More Tents


Lumpkin - Jeff and I walked for Chinese food.  (Per GPS on phone)




June 8th Rest Stop - WAHOOOOO!!!!!

Another Rest Stop


The "Big Chair"


James goes Riding Past:



Wlecome to Cornelia


Allen Had a Monkey on his back.....   But then the Monkey drove home with Carol.




WWII Training Hill:



Kim Sitting IN the road????

View from Sadle



At the Banks County Rest Stop


Ummm - It is an Unofficial Rest Stop... But where is the food????


Common Road Bakery for  Really Good Food!!



Athens GA:






Moon Base - Athens GA - At the ALPS Road High School


Watson Mill



GA Guide Stones:






Another Unofficial Rest Stop


Nancy Hart Rest Stop




Unofficial Welcome Comity (Our County is the best)


Flow's Dad and Daughter


People On Bikes!!!!!


Rest Stop


Pre Washington --- Kettle Creek Option ----(Dirt Road on a Road Bike)





On Jame's Hand Bike



Don't Tell Carol - I am chatting with another woman. 





Another Day On The Road

Almost Done!!!!


Have you seen my big??????



Larry Gets "Supplies" for the ride home back to Atlanta. 

Dirty Harry / Mimi / Allen  Drive back to Atlanta - Is that Larry???


On Drive Back we see the Elberton Granit Museum 


I Get Back to the Atlanta Parking Lot and I have a flat!!!!