North GA Mountains

August 2009 


Unicoi Park

Happened to be a bike race in the park that day - these are pro racers:




Unicoi Cabins:




Tallulah Gorge State Park


Non-Permit Section (About 1000 Steps) 

We decided to go back up and get a permit to pass the bottom gate, so we did the 1000 steps up and down 2 times.






In Permit Area: (Walk above is as far as you can go w/o a permit)

Now What!?!?!?!?


Black Rock




Tennessee Trail View (Highest Point in a GA State Park).   

This was a sign on a road the path crossed near the start/end point.

Near Black Rock Main Information Center

Dillard House





Helton Creek Falls Trail








Raven Trail near Helen

(We saw a Bear - But no photo)

A bear was here!!!

A bear was also here!!!





Water bug running on flowing water, eating things as they went by. 



Bear Proof Garbage by parking area.

"Bear" trying to get into bear proof trash cans...


"Four on the floor" bathroom.... really it is a manual pump to flush toilet








(we are not alone - deer are near by)


Butterflies galore



Up Hill - No official trail here...










Desoto Falls:

(The "welcome"/"slip and die" sign made an interesting picture) 

Desoto is a Easy Trail good for almost anyone.


Smithgall Woods Preserve

Caution: Objects in photos are steeper than they appear. 




This is a "lodge" ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?