Larry's Trip to Cave Spring Trip


10th and 11th








The Start:



The Silver Comet Section of the Trip Out







I Hope the Tunnel isn't wet!!!



You don't think we got any mud on us in the tunnel.. did we???


The Gang:




Arriving In Rockmart:


Frankie's Famous Wall



Photo of a Photo at Frankie's (From Melisa's 1st 100 mile ride a few years back)


Shots from the Non-Silver Comet Section of the ride out to Cave Spring


Sun Screen Time:



Back On The Road:






Muddy Turn:





High Water.... Never Happen.... Right??



Back On Land:



Cave Spring, GA



Debie, Kim and Tiffany


Great Barbeque:


The Cave Spring



Bird "Poop" photo courtesy of Kim and Tiffany


Heading Back To Rock Mart and then Dallas GA on Day Two

The Top of "The Hill"

Back To Rock Mart:



Why Riding too close in water can be "bad".....


"Dirty" Kim

"Clean" Kim



NOTE:  Time Stamp on Camera is Wrong.