June 5th - Fayetteville GA - 0 Miles
June 6 Griffin GA - 57 Miles
June 7 Thomaston 62 Miles
June 8th Columbus - 83 miles.
June 9th The camp stayed in Columbus - 7 miles on a beach bike cruiser rental.
June 10th LeGrange - 64 Miles
June 11 Newnan - 62 Miles
June 12 Fayetteville GA - 42 Miles

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Brag 2010 Road Marker:



Hi Tech Message Board - Never Crashes:



The GOOD Jeff and Chester:
(Who needs a tent when you are under an awning for the night!!!)

OK---- Now we can go!!!


Scenic Sights Near Lake Horton




What You Looking At!!!!!



We past a NASCAR track.... many stopped and took homage.


Fancy Burger King:


Off the sub "Shake and Bake" quality road  and back to paved roads:


Ponies (Or Tiny Horses)



BRAG - Welcome to our town.....


Flats Happen:




Back of Head Shot:



Front of Head Shot

His and Hers


Your favorite game show and mine...... Find You Luggage


She is carrying a toddler AND a rabbit in the trailer. 


Top of Pine Mountain?



This is why 28MM beats 23MM tires





On the road:


Columbus BBQ Place:


Columbus News Paper Headquarters:



 Team Occisus Via (Team Road Kill) lets Carol pose with some friends:


Full range of emotions - Actress extraordinaire



Columbus River Walk


Navel Museum








This just seems wrong:




Blues Brother: