Jekyll Island GA

and Dausset GA

August 2010 Trip






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Day 1- We head out of the Hotel on Bicycles:  We Find some lightly used trails.


Day 1-

The First Trail:



We meet a new friend:


Spanish Moss:


Still On the Trail




Nature Overlook.   The next day there lots of people by the shore fishing and we saw them from the tour boat.

We did not rent one of these... but they looked cool....  but heavy!!!


There are lots of bike paths.



Day 2

Near the Pier where the Oglethorpe was docked.


Shots from the Oglethorpe

The Nature viewing stand we were at the day before.


People with Dolphins


Sunken Ship

Shrimp Boat:

Helo Landing


Turtle Recovery Center




Tiny Tiny Tiny:

You be the turtle doctor:


Day 3


Drift Wood Beach:




Other Bike People:

and Horse People


Across from the Horton House:

Down the road was an Airport:


On the way Back We Watched dear until it got dark and they wondered off.

Some of the photos were very dark... so had to process the, some... so extra grainy 



Beach Bike Ride:

The Beach Birds!!


We Find People Fishing:



Cell Phone Still Attached to Ear!!!!!!




Hotel Room:

Leaving the Island...


BBQ Stop -  Yum!!!!


Dausset Trail



The Smile of Success!!!!



Don't Miss This Turn... Really!!!

I moved the turtle to safty!!!


Friends of the Evil Dausset Squirrel



Come In and Play!!!


Time to go home:


Can we Pack or What?


Last Photos of the Trip...