Singer Island


April 18-20th 2011 At my Parents House
April 20th -23rd 2011 At Hilton Singer Island

April 19th Duck Tour
April 21st Trail/Beach/Boardwalk at MacArthur Beach State Park
April 22nd Long Walk at Dickinson





Canal Behind My Parent's House:




Duck Tour



Must be Nice!!!


At Parents House  -







From Hotel Balcony:


MacArthur Park

Ohhhh. that lake!!!!





Dickinson Park




No Trespassing Sign AND a Blaze...

Cactus Man!!


Fearless Turtle:


Finally - After 7 plus miles -Civilization!!!


Viewing Tower - We Could see it from the hike, but had to drive over to use it.
Not very high, but FL is sooo flat that you could see the 20 miles or so back to near where we were staying.
On the viewing tower walkup/steps was this guy.




About 10 to 20 miles away