Natchez Trace

11/09/2012 to 11/17/2012


445 Miles End to End Plus Side Trips.


Details Here




Day 0:

The Loading of the Van

Yes- It ALL WILL FIT!!!!!



I make some friends at the Hotel:

Scenic View

Jeff Gets Ready to Ride

This would be the last of the warm weather. 


Horse and Buggy go by the rest stop, 


Houses Road along side of road:





Night 1:


Jeff and Toni provide entertainment. (and spaghetti dinner)



Day 2

Next Morning:



The "other" Jeff



On The Road:



Timer Shot:



Night 2:

The international symbol for Kitchen



Drying Station


Next Morning:


Day 3:







TwentyMile Bottoms:


Night 3   (Monday)




Day 4:   

Night 4 : Jeff Busby:



Day 5:

  "French Camp"






   Day 6:



Night 6 - Rocky Springs:


Last Night of carrying food pig out!!!!


Day 7:


Original Trace - caused by 1000s of years of use.


The Port Gibson "Piggly Wiggle"


The "Zero" Mile Marker


Night 7:


Day 8:

U-Haul Guard Car:


Jeff's Turn to Drive:


and $160 worth of gas later - we are home!!!!