BRAG Spring Tune Up 2012


Madison GA

April 20th to April 22nd 2012



Richard poses with the Birds:


Brer Rabbit:


Bicycle Parking at a "Rest Stop"


Day One Sightings







Car Show After the Ride on Friday: (4/20/2012)





Smokey and the Bandit??





About Cyclists:


A Bike on a Bike:




Lynn and Jeff:





O'REO  (Unofficial Stop)




Dianne leads The Cows out of the Woods for a photos Op.




Back On The Road:





Hill.... What Hill?????



Bicycle Fuel:



Down Town Madison:




Cell Phone Camera Shot


Rug Cutters:



A small section of Tent City at Heritage Park



Last Day of the Ride/ Sunday April 22nd 2012:



ummm.... OK


And that's all she wrote!!!