Dragon*Con 2012

August 31 - September 3, 2012


52,000 Attendees


Cousin It

The Ood

Peppermint Paddy


Charlie Brown











Zombie For President

(The Podium was there - so we used it - Did not have a clue what the podium was for)





She is wearing a Red Shirt, so of course she's dead Jim.


When Weddings go Wrong:


He had a team America Logo -- Had take his picture. 

Typical Bus Station in America:

The Doctor Lives!!!  Or at least he is not completely dead.

We found "The Doctor's" ride!!!!!


Then we found the Doctor(s)..


Dam Fine Looking Couple:



Weeping Angles




Apocalypto Disco (Yep- The World is Ending -- Again)

So might as well Dance!!!!



I Found Waldo!!!!!!




Carol Found Another Charlie



And Yet Another Charlie!!!



Yeh--- They worked harder on their costumes then I did:



Only at Dragon*Con would this seem normal!!!!





Proof the OOD is really Carol:


Family of Four at the "Trek Track" dance:


us with "Aurelio Voltaire"


British Media






Parade Staging Area:






Steam Punk Cyber Man???


Carol makes a new Feline Friend. 


Nether World





They are every ware!! 

Gladiators (300)



Mr. Hat!!!!



Future of transportation







You can already hear the sound track in your head!!!!


ummm-  I have no Idea...






Toaster Killers!!!


So say we all!!!


The Rebels were on a budget .. soooooo...



Then the cops showed up!!!






Random Stuff (Like the items above were not random enough!!)






A Borg Playing Violin ... And Why Not?

Miss Star Trek Universe Contest



Miss Star Trek Universe Winner...




His Grandma made his costume (no really).



Atlanta Radio Theatre Company


Kids Contest:


Not The Kids Contest...And I have No Idea....







What do you mean where did I get the Hat and Scarf.... what are you suggesting? 


I think the Pikachu won the contest. 


This guy started dancing...


Makeup Test: