3/23/2013 Zoo

3/25/2013 Wakodahatchee Wetlands

Mom, Dad, Stevn:


Palm Beach Zoo:










Its a bird's life





Rescued Bear trained to show body parts for medical inspection.





Nap Time (Couger)



In the Nest



Here looking at you.....



This is Florida, and no, these are not planstic.


Necking Birds..


Bridge over some animals.


Anyone have any moisturizers:





Cause he can!!!



Hey -  Is that guy taking my picture??


My "serious look".


Feeding Time:




Wakodahatchee Wetlands




Yeh---- You wish you looked this good!!!




Nest - shot from above...


Lunch Time!!!






Clear for landing on runway 75 --- winds north by northeast at 7 mph...



Spiders -- glad they are smaller than we are..



Paparazzi get the photo!!




Cute Couple!!!!


My neck is cooler than yours!!!!