April 25th to April 27th At
Hard Labor Creek

Friday April 25th:
Bike Around the Park and Find Entrance to Bike Paths
Shrimp Massacre for Dinner
Astronomy At The Boat Docks

Saturday April 26h:
Mountain Biking
Pizza from Flower Tortilla  Shells
Night Kayaking
Chocolate Covered Fruit and Marshmallows


Sunday April 27th:
Stopped at the Blue Willow Inn for lunch



Quick Visit to Site 16 where Jeff and I had stayed when we biked out to Brag STU the week before:





Quick Reconnaissance to the Mountain Bike Trail head



Blue Berry Farm Next Store:

We stopped at an old cemetery:



The Only Way To Travel:



Shrimp Ala Peanut Butter and Soy Sauce

Side Dish




Lets Hit The Trails!!


Photo 538 Place Holder


Shot trail side from the off road Bicycle Trails


Access road crossed the bicycle trails.


This section was flat and even.






Selfie   -- All the kids are doing it




Place Holder Photo 550



Do miss the turn.... or else....



Place Holder 560


Relaxing Place to stop.



Butterflies having lunch...



Next two shots from Butter Fly Out Cove, one shot in each directing



Place Holder 589




We Make Fire --- With the Sun!!





Night Kayaking... Started just before sundown....


Getting Dark





Rutledge By The 4 Way Stop Sign Barrel