July 4th Weekend 2014:

 - Left after work

- Biked Two Trails
- Swam by the Covered Bridge

- Biked to the trail head and then hiked.
- Swam by the Covered Bridge.

- Left around 1:00PM. 







We were having a formal black tie breakfast....




... when we had an unexpected guest drop in.....


Blueberry, Cranberry and Sausage Pancakes!!!!


Our Cabin is behind me in this photo, the Building to the right is Bunkhouses 1 and 2.  The building to the left is the bathroom and shower. 



Our "Cabin"... Bunkhouse Number 3.




We were at an equestrian Campground.....



Cave Girl goes for the raw meet.



Carol Goes "Bear Grylls":



The Upper part of the river before the Bridge.

We see two Turtles sunning themselves on the right... so we give them a visit.

"Hey - Mr. Turtle Look this way!!!"



We see one more turtle out by itself:




Shot of the Covered Bridge. We used our bikes to get around the park.


This Place is so nice even the Graffiti is friendly.



Paddle Boats could "drive" down a narrow lane...  We skipped these and walked the paths instead:


In the Paddle Boat area is the "Flood Gate" for the lower river.  Once used with an old Power Plant around 1900.



Good Shot of the Swimming Area:



We head down the Trail along the river:


We came across another flood control:



High Side of Flood Control:


Low Side of Flood Control:


Selfie ---Hard to do with a telephoto lens:





We cut through the non-equestrian campground.

They had the top of the well locked.... but there was a small hole I could shoot through:



We find the old "Abandoned Bridge" which is... well... abandoned. 



Looks like just the metal girders remain:


Under the Bridge:


We head back along the river and see places with soft shore lines with animal prints:



When we get back towards the old power plant we see this... I think the roots are safer than the steps from the 1890s!!!!


Please stay on the path..... no... really!!!


Carol took this photo:

It is the flood water from the flood control shot through a hole in the wall of the old power plant structure.


Back to the river trail to return to the Covered Bridge:



Time for some river "swimming":


INSERT VIDEO 100_3355.AVI  AND 100_3358.AVI here





Water depth changes every few steps... from shallow to just above my head.


The Park Entrance.... but the Equestrian Area, with the camp where we were, is part of the park, but outside the entrance markers.

That made the Equestrian Area hard to find at night with no street lights... or any lights beyond the head lights!!!


We soaked the wood planks (left) in water to use them for cooking later.



First Sear Both sides:


With the planks under the meet and covered with foil you can see the steam coming off the planks.


Chicken came out great!!  Steak was good.


Best Marinade for both Chicken and Steak.



Carol tries out one of those backpacker towels:




The Cobbler is done:


Apple and Raisin:

Even this guy licked it (Look at the 5:30 position on the plate):
We had finished most of what was in this plate when he showed up..
so we let him eat his fill.  





Cabin Shots:


Back of the Cabin (Technically a Bunk House because there was no running water)


Shot from the Front Porch:


The Downstairs Bed:

Upstairs (The whole place was one big room)




We stop for excellent BBQ on the way home: