An Historic Event Occurred in November of 2014:

A Historic Photo is Found from 1933:


Wakodahatchee (Park In Florida)


All Wet:



Happy Fish


Serious Fish:


What did he get??



A stick!!!!




Chiropractor Recommended Bird Exercise:




Apartment Living




Eating Something:



Mister Turtle's Close Up









And Lunch is Served!!!



Until Lunch's Friends Show up and chase you away












I thought this was going to be the Gator's lunch.... but after stalking it for a while the Gator just swam on by:











Double Landing - The control tower will hear about this!!






This iguana was hanging out.... in a tree.




How can I be PINK in a swamp.... just put a sign on me that says "Gators, please eat me."




Green Cay Boardwalk: