BRAG "PLUS" 2014
477 Miles Fully Loaded


Pre Day 1:  Decatur GA to Bishop GA:  64 Miles 
Pre Day 2:  Bishop GA to Washington GA:   63 Miles



DAY 1 - Washington GA to Thomas:     62 Miles
DAY 2 -   Thomas to Waynesboro: 58 Miles
DAY 3 - Optional Loop (unloaded):  48 Miles
DAY 4 -  Waynesboro to  Metter 74 Miles.
DAY 5 Metter to Jessup:  70 Miles
DAY 6:  Jessup to Darien:  49 Miles




Half a Mile Done.... Just 476.5 more to go!!!




Bob is in the house!!!! (Well technically, he is on the road.... )







Finding some shade to change a tire!!


I think the patient will survive!!!



Time to get the show on the road!!!!



Traffic was very bad..... we saw a car once!!!!



Guinea Fowl  (They like to make noise at night!!!)



Jeff checks out the view:





The town seems closed.... no water..... but a city hall person showed us where a spicket was that is normally used to water the lawn that we could use.





Heeee Haw - Jeff's new friend is a real donkey:





At the end of the dirt road!!



Back to a major highway----- sort of:


What you looking at!!!!



Look!!!!!   A car!!!!!!!




The BIG BUZZ fully loaded:


Kat's Lugged steal bike that never saw a hill..... other than a bridge!!!


Was it hot in GA...... Never!!!



The NSA is everywhere!!!



Near Waynesboro:



Unloading to set up for the night:



After 40 MPH winds most of these bikes were on the ground the next day....  But not ours... we secured our bikes and tents:


Another few days and these bicycles will be ready to be picked.   See Bicycles do grow on trees!!!


We picked a spot with a scenic view!!!!




Potty Transport:




Jeff and I have a small meal:






Oh--- There it is!!!!



A steam plant:




A small museum in Waynesboro that was open for ONLY 3 days to see if anyone would visit.

The previous curator died 8 years ago and much knowledge was lost.


Lets Cook --- 1890s style:






Penny rides with us for a while


Bike built up by rider's husband:



BIG BUZZ in laundry drying mode:



Majic Trees that space them selves out evenly.... isn't mother nature great!!!!!




Near Metter:



I look so serious....




Prison Gave Yard -  Numbers Only...No Names:


Lots of Birds in the field:








Getting flatter as we get closer to the coast:


"Action Shot" of People Resting... Waiting on the Shuttle:


One of the host high schools that let us use their fields for camping.



Early AM -- Many tents were already taken down... Full moon is still up.



Rumble Strips and Tucks....


Father and 2 daughters on 1 bike....



Larry!!!!   Also road to the start of BRAG!!!



Hey Kids.... what is going on:


Vultures don't care about no mini-van!!!!


We made it!!!!





Now to load/unload the Truck!!!