Regal Princess January 12th to January 19

Princess Cays - January 13th
St Thomas/St John    -    January 15th.
St Maarten    -    January 16th   













Pre-Departure - we get a visitor in the backyard:



Family Photos:





[Blue Mood Lighting was used on the ship in this section]




At The Port of Ft Lauderdale:





It is a dog's life:


Police challenge boat after boat and turn them back towards some bueys.



Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha going to do....





The ship ahead of the ship we were on exits the port:






Just past the port:





The Room:




Tender to Princess Cays:



Regal Princess:

Under water shots while snorkeling:











Shot with my underwater point and shoot towards the shore:











Tender Back











Leaving Princess Cays




We arrive at St Thomas (near St John):


I took advantage of almost no passengers to take a few photos before disembarking. 








Heading towards Island Girl to go to St Johns






Shot from Island Girl:




Was the Home of the White Castel Owner:



Yes, the Charlie Angels House:


Island Girl:  (The Boat)


Never Trust a photo!!




The "Strenuous Hike" on St John:


Rob--- Hike Guide:


This type of plant was used for fencing since animals (and people) did not like to pass though it.
















Sugar Mill Buildings:


Water Taxies

Heading Back on "Island Girl":




Back at Sub Port in St Thomas a plane goes close over head.





And then we passed this guy again:




Shot At Night from Balcony:



St Maarten



In the hall before we disembarked for St Maarten




Why no dad, I did not have too much sugar!!!




Just Back From St Maarten

























Shot from Aboard the Regal Princess. 





Night Shot from Cabin:



Its is a bird's life!!











Random Ship Photos: