April 11th and 12th overnight with

The Good Jeff and Jan

from Decatur GA to Bishop GA

About 63 miles per day.


Three Crazy People On Bicycles:


Rest Stop on the way home:


Jeff talks to a new friend. 



We pass by another horse farm and the horses walk over to the fence to check out the bicycles. 



Jeff and Jan:






Jeff in the morning... but the morning dew was covering the lens!!! 



On the way home....



We make it to Stone Mountain.... just 11 more miles and we are done. 


The Bikes:

Each person carried their own tent and equipment. 





From left to right:
    Front Shifter, VDO Bike Computer, Light, GPS, Dog Spay
Just below the camera shot is the queue sheet backing up the GPS.

Bike and Equipment weighs in at just below 70 pounds.


Bike Shot from the back.



Rear View Mirror.


The Walnut Grove Park is always a welcome sight for a short rest before getting back on the road.



Random Shots from the road side: