BRAG 2015:



Monday - June 8th - 62 Miles - Newnan to Carrollton - 3319 - Feet of Climbing

Tuesday - June 9th - 57 Miles - Carrollton to Newnan - 2846 Feet of Climbing

Wednesday - June 10th -  38 Miles - Newnan Loop

Thursday - June 11th -  51 Miles - Newnan to LaGrange - 2376 Feet of Climbing

Friday- June 12th -   44 Miles - LaGrange Loop

Saturday - June 13th -- 52 Miles -  LaGrange to Newnan - 2600 Feet of Climbing

















Home Sweet Home: With the Tarp Off



Typical Rest Stop:  They had a rest stop about every 10 to 20 miles depending on terrain.




Stan fueling back up:



A Fixer Upper:


Power To Spare (For a Friend)



In Camp:



More Road Shots:


Carrolton Welcome Comity


On the Road Again:


Zombie Stop:


Yep --- That is the photographers finger in front of the Lens....


Garry, Anita and Ellen




No Rocker at 74 old.


SAG helping a rider:




Construction crew was single laining a mile or so of roadway... 
So we had to wait for and follow the "Follow Me" truck just like the cars would.



After One Day Self Contained I decided to use the Lama. 



For what might have been the final ever "Moon Base" (if rumors are correct) the weather did not cooperate:


It began to rain something fierce...
So across the RR tracks to a building with an overhang where we had a post show gathering....
and a train passes by.


Stan heads to the small overhang.

And Kat from FL was there...


Last day...


Kitty was on BRAG with one of her 8 children!!!