BRAG 2016:

7 Days
370 Miles
And I did not use no sticken luggage truck!!!


June 4th - Oglethorpe University
June 5th - Social Circle High School  -  68 Miles - 3500 feet elevation gain.
June 6th - Georgia Military College -  69 miles - 2775 feet elevation gain. 
June 7th and 8th - Dublin -  64 miles  -2640 feet elevation gain.
June 9th - Swainsboro - 51 miles - 1710 feet elevation gain.
June 10th - Georgia Sothern University - 1750 feet elevation gain
June 11 - Savannah Emmet Park - 725 feet elevation gain




Oglethorpe University - Atlanta GA [Day 0]



Riding day 1 -- We pass though Stone Mountain








At a rest stop we are wondering if it will rain, we conclude it would never rain on us......   as you can see we are perfectly dry.


Very nice rest stop.... and more rain.





What a cool 650c bicycle... 


Dick gets lots of help patching a flat ---  he had a 700 Schrader ...  no spares to be had. 


Checking for bubbles

Walt, Joanne and Sherry


Jeff's new tent at social circle


Back on the road again (Day 2)





Jeff tries out "Batman's" elliptical  bicycle








Luca reaches for some grass -- perhaps to feed to her stuffed dogs. 


Accidental Selfie!!


Mass Start:





Sherry gets some lessons from the best teacher around!!!





Early foggy start --- police escort is because of the fog and is not normal. 



And then Jeff tries to speed away from the police car!!!   Bad Boys Bad Boys, whatcha going to do to, Bad Boys Bad Boys...





Georgia Southern University





What a campus looks like with 1000 extra bicycles:













Another foggy start with a limited police escort






Check out the stuffed puppies in the paniers.

The Anti-Paparazzi Punch is going to knock you out!!!


Shots taken along the road:





Getting close to Savannah GA


End of the ride shots:





And so it Ends: