Chattanooga  TN
Atlanta GA

September 16th to 18th 2016






Friday September 16th -  6:00AM - Get Bus at Silver Comet Depot


At 6:00AM people wait for the BRAG bus to arrive to take us from the Silver Comet Depot (4.4MM) to Chattanooga TN.

Friday September 16th -  9:00AM - Depart Finley Stadium in Chattanooga - Mass Start


A few minutes before the mass start.


River Next to a Rest Stop

Bob J.

She is riding a bike built up by The Good Jeff.


Friday Night - September 16th - Veterans Memorial Park


Statue in the Summerville Memorial Park:


Saturday - September 17th -  Ride to Rockmart (Spaceland Skydiving)

Georgia Cotton Fields


Don't worry --- Allen says it is all down hill...... Sadly, Allen is a habitual liar when it comes to hills!!!

Arriving at Spaceland Dive Park where we will be camping.

Tandem dives were cancelled due to low cloud cover. 





Is Allen done taking the picture about now.... how about now... 

Walt and Sherry go for the O2.


The Falcons you say...why yes ladies,  I am a Falcons fan....  I cant wait to see them at their next World Series. 

Night time a Spaceland Dive Center.

The Sunday ride back to the Silver Comet Depot which is located at the 4.4 mile marker on the Silver Comet trail.


None Shall Pass!!!!!

That is.... None Shall Pass ---  Except for these 3!!!



I had my photographer meet us on the bridge for a photo.......  and by "my photographer" I mean some random dude walking past. 
Left to right: Fran, Sherry, Joeanne, Michelle, Walter and Allen