October 22nd and 23rd 2016
Camping at Hamburg State Park
Deep Roots Festival in Milledgeville




* We luck out with a site at Hamburg State Park.
* We set up the tent..... pump up the air mattress.... 
* We head over to Milledgeville for the Deep Roots Festival (Car Show and BBQ) where we ate some great jerk chicken.
* We head back to Hamburg and went for a short walk to the camp office/gristmill where they had a small Halloween Festival.
* We watched the kids go for Hay Rides....
* We walked back to the camp site where we keep our flashlights off as much as possible.
* With the lack of light we are rewarded by a very clear sky filled with stars!!!!
* We are also rewarded by getting to watch masked teenagers with gas powered leaf blowers scaring the **** out of the little kids as the hey rides went past.
* Back in camp we could see the campground had been decorated for the kids.....

* At 2:00AM it is 37F.
* The sky is amazingly clear... even more stars are visible than earlier. 
* As it gets light we can see how foggy the lake has truly become.
* We go for a walk on a tail and spot the now closed wilderness camping.
* We also head to the boat launch and notice shells and a large fish skull...
* We head back to camp and start a fire... we cook brots and croissants over the fire.... 

It was a Great Weekend!!!


Video (Fog Covered Lake)


Below is the lake we camped next to.
It has tree stumps sticking out that would normally be under water.


The HUGE tent I use when we are car camping (cheating!!!).  



The Car Show at Milledgeville's Deep Roots Festival.









Hamburg State Park had Hay Rides that night... so they decorated for the kids... and kids at heart...





Like I could pass up this photo op!!!!!


Morning Fog Over the Lake



Rock Eagle Effigy Mound: