Jan and I went to Columbus GA for the weekend.

Jan 28th 2017 -->  Columbus GA River Walk  -- About 30 miles for the day.
Jan 29th 2017 --> Columbus GA Fall Line Trace and Flat Rock Park -- About 20 miles for the day.

**Click on a photo for a High Resolution version **

Below are Photos of Columbus GA shot from the Phoenix City Alabama side of the bridge.









River Walk Photos Below.



As we rode down the River Walk we saw people Kayaking.





We kept passing BRAG signs that were orphaned from years pass.  We were not on a BRAG ride.



Don't take this branch of the trail.... at least not very far!!!


Shot from the GA side across to Alabama where we had the car parked.


Fall Line Trace Path:
This is path the goes east from Columbus GA.  
We rode it from the west as a loop.
Looks like parts are still under construction, but it is easily passable. 





Lunch at the "Train Station" Burger King




Flat Rock Park - Columbus GA -  Where we parked for the Fall Line Trail.