BRAG 2017
with Jan, Sherry, The Good Jeff, Jake and Steve

June 3rd to June 10th

June 4 - Athens to Washington- 59 miles
June 5 - Washington to Thomson - 45 miles
June 6 - Thomson to Louisville - 52 miles

June 7 - Road Around Louisville - about 6 miles

June 8 - Louisville to Metter -  57 miles
June 9th - Metter to Jesup -70 miles
June 10 - Jesup to Brunswick - 52 miles


Bike is ready to go.... the rider was also more or less ready to go!!!



Seen from our Athens Campsite. 


Athens to Washington on June 4th:

We found some shelter in Washington..  




June 5th - Washington to Thomson









June 6th we head from Thomson to Louisville



Louisville - Layover day - Some Rain - Toured the city - Road to a Local Park and took a short hike.


June 8th --- Louisville to Metter  






Dear oh Dear --- It is a fawn!!!!!



We saw this from "The Pond" seafood restaurant..


On the Road Again.... Metter to Jesup





We make it to Jesup GA

Last Day of Riding had some very scenic roads: Jessup to Brunswick



Jan and I make it to the finish!!!



A truck full of bicycles!!!!

Heading Home: