March 30th 2018:  71 Mile CrankQuinox Bicycle Ride - 

9:00AM -  19 Mile Ride -  Loop around Rutledge GA
1:00 PM - 20 Mile Ride - Rutledge to The Farmhouse

April 1st 2018:

11:00 AM - 32 Mile Ride - The Farm House to Rutledge




I found a great place to lock my bike in Rutledge GA:


While in Rutledge our group met this cyclist:


The Ride In:

There were quite a few dirt roads on the route.


Over The Shoulder Photo!!


I had to take photos of the Hard Labor Creek State Park signs.




I do not recall this on the Queue Sheet!!



We arrive at the "The Farm House"


The Welcoming Committee at "The Farm":



The view from the Farm House Porch:













"The Bad Jeff" Relaxing



The Ride Back from "The Farm" to Rutledge:



But the GPS said the road keeps going and crosses a bridge...


Oh---  There's the bridge.. it must be new:


Road Solo from Madison to Rutledge :






Post Ride In Rutledge: - After Joe and I ate the others showed up..