Anniston Overnight:

May 5th 2018

2 Days
5 People
2 Flats
1 Super Friendly Dog
and 127 Miles



Just Past The Post Rockmart Mini Hill


Green Stuff!!




Still On the GA side of the state line.

State Line where the Silver Comet Trail ends and the Chief Ladiga Trail starts

I think they were trying to tell us something.... 
but the trail was open because the construction equipment had a blown hose. 


The Start of Day 2



We pass by where there was tornado damage....




The Construction Bypass


Sherry and I take a massive detour to see these  guys  (Ok, it was about 20 yards out of the way)

Who Let The Dog Out!!!

The Dog Liked My Camera... 


A new look for Jeff....



We did the last 17 miles or so on the road....