Bike Virginia 2019

Woodstock to Harrisonburg

3 Days in Woodstock at Massanutten Military Academy and

3 Days in Harrisonburg at Hillandale Park



 Woodstock at Massanutten Military Academy


The person in the photos below is Darren Alff  from   /// (


Tend Camping at Woodstock


Bike Path


We walked our bikes down a short path to a brook.

Heading back to the road

On the road again.

Woodstock - by the food trucks.

Downtown Woodstock -- Fire DP - Former Chief restored some old equipment.

Downtown Woodstock


Camping at  Woodstock at Massanutten Military Academy


Notice that the rider is zig zagging to simulate a lower gear.

Road past a Car Restorer




Downtown Harrisonburg VA

These guys decided to visit our camp.


Seen on side of road.


At rest stop I look at a front wheel drive bicycles.


On Display at a Reststop. 

We were going up and down these kinds of hill the entire week.


These guys decided to drop by my tent.



Side trip to Fries VA and Gaylax VA
And the
New River Trail State Park

The New River Trail in Fries VA  (just off Lee Street)


Camping on the New River Trail  (New River Trail State Park)