DragonCon 2019:





Video - Garret Wang Directing while the judges decided on a winner of Miss Strar Trek Universe....





5th Element:



Garret Wang







Wall-e and a Java because---- why not....







Dancing in the Hilton Lobby on Sunday night until Midnight











From the First Doctor with Rose:


Last Year's Miss Start Trek Universe and "Scotty"

Miss Star Trek Universe----  Garret being Garret while the judges decided on a winner. 





Jakoby from Bright....  Yeh --- I have no idea who that is either...  but still a great costume.



I think I saw a car in the same state last year.... 


The EFF copyright 101 panel used my bottle of coke as an example of what could not be copywrited.....



This guy asked if a person took his photo at Dragon*Con could he claim ownership since he was in it... the answer was no since this was a public space with no expectation of privacy.... so I took his photo...  I think that is why most people are laughing...




These dogs were friendly.. 


George Takei talking about U.S. interment camps for American and Canadians citizens during WWII.


If you play Chess then ......

Another EFF panel. 



From Dumb and Dumber..... 




Whisper in the Wood ..... 100 plus year old instruments. 






From Dr. Who ---Davros



Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.


 Pre-Parade Staging Area: 






Dragon Con Parade (Not in chronological order)















































Post Parade:











How to Curse Like a Brit



More Garrett Wang





Ice King  (Game of Thrones)



Atlanta Radio Theater:




Random Shots Around DragonCon 2019




Good Omens


In Line to get Badge