Saturday to Wednesday at Stephen C Foster State Park

Day 1 AM- Visit West Side Solo
Day 1 PM -  Visit The Sill
Day 2 - Kayak Out to Billie's Island
Day 3 - Kayak Out to Minnie's Lake (Raised Shelter)  [About 8 Miles Round Trip]
Day 4 - Head Back Home




Day 1: Arrived with just enough time to get to the park before sundown... Checked out the dock before it got dark. 



Stayed about 17 miles way at the Eco Lodges. 


Day 2 -- Main Park (West Entrance)

























Day 2 PM - Jan and Kim Arrive.  We head out to The Sill

Day 3 --  Kayaking....

Day 4:

Mini's Platform (Our Lunch Spot and Turn Around Point)

We had a visitor for lunch...