BRAG 2021:

Saturday - 00.0 Miles :   Camped at Lookout Mtn
Sunday - 55.8 Miles:   Camped at Lafayette High school
Monday - 62.0 Miles : Rolater Park
Tuesday - 57.1 Miles : Camped at Carrollton Highschool
Wednesday - 20 Miles (Estimated) :  Camped at Carrollton Highschool
Thursday 65.9 Miles: Camped at Carrollton City Schools (CCS) in Senoia
Friday 47.7 Miles:  Camped at LaGrange Highschool
Saturday 56.2 Miles:  Ended in Columbus 

Total for the week --> 365 Miles


With fellow Refugee Riders -->  Jeff, Jake, Jan, Joe and Mimi.



How LOUD is a Rain Storm in a Tent (Volume Alert):

Camping at Lafayette

Camping at LaGrange: You can only see small section of the camping here.


Columbus -  Jeff adds the 4 bike rack for the drive from Columbus to Lookout Mtn!!! 


What the heck is an Ignition Coil Pack...

1-Engine Lost Power
2- Emissions Station gave us the code.
3 -Google said the code meant the ignition coil pack for cylinder 1 failed
4 -YouTube provided video showed how to replace it.
5 -O’Reillys had the part.
6- Jake changed it...

Back on the road!!!









Wow ---  Can't wait until 2021 ---- 


Post Ride -- Waiting on the Shuttle from downtown back to camp. 




By Cavespring GA

Jake and Jeff

Jake and Jan















Arrive in Carrolton GA















































































































LaGrange GA:









Approaching a rest stop:


Rest Stop




Will the tree be able to support two loaded bikes!?!?!?!

Jan by Amy's  BRAG rest stop truck


Near a rest stop --- Photo Op:

Near a rest stop --- Photo Op:










Jake's Photos:


Switching to them "Bike Shoes!!"

On a path spur in Senoia.


On a path spur in Senoia.



Irish Pub --  With Great Parking. 


End of Ride Game -->   Find Your Bag in a Field!!!  There are only about 1000 people on the ride with about 2 bags each!!