Hike Inn with Larry

Day 1 Hike In to the Hike Inn 5.2 Miles
Day 2 Hike to Springer Mountain (with Surprise "Guest Stars" MeiShan and Cindy) 10.6 Miles
Day 3 Hike back to Amicalola Falls State Park 5.2 Miles
Total:  21 Miles

Pre-Hike: -- All Ready:


The Hike In to the Hike Inn:

Larry and I start our hike up to the Hike Inn









Pre-Springer Mountain Hike:

As we arrived at the Hike Inn we met Cindy and MeiShan.
They were both also staying 2 nights with plans to hike the next day, so we invited them to join us
on our Springer Mountain hike the next day.
There is safety in numbers, plus Larry knows the area so no one will not get lost. 


Planning "Meeting" for the hike!!!!

Springer Mountain Hike:

The hike started out flat....

with lots of flora around....

then , as I hope the picture shows, we find the trail gets very steep!!!   

Springer Mountain.... where the visitor registry is for the start of the AT (Application Trail)..


Cindy writes a long entry into the Journal!!!




Larry was stretching... so I asked everyone to get into an "Action Pose" 




Photos from the Hike Inn:











Tim from the Hike Inn....
Tim is on the board, gives tours, does trail maintenance, is a regional AT trail manager...  and is about 70 years young....
Be like Tim when you grow up!!!!
















Water Fall:

Found out that they had been to the park, but not seen the waterfall from here...
So Larry showed us the quick trail to the falls so they could see the falls with out spending too much extra time on the way out.