Covid Vaccine Regret - Worst mistake of my life?

Aug 2022

Last year I made what I consider the single worst mistake of my life, I decided to get the Covid vaccine and my health has been suffering ever since..

I suffered new eye problems and worsening thyroid problems starting about 9 days after getting the first set of shots. I was assured by many doctors that the vaccine did not cause the problems. In December I received the booster and 9 days later my thyroid problems got much worse and I started going blind. I have since had my thyroid removed and had 10 doses of radiation behind my eyes to save my sight.

Reports from Singapore, where they have national electronic health records, have shown they also noticed a small number of people getting similar thyroid health problems 7 to 14 days after getting the vaccine.

So how does this affect you? If the powers that be are not being honest about the dangers of the vaccine then how can you make an informed decision about the risk of the vaccine boosters vs the benefits. This is especially true if you are below 65 and don't have any conditions that make you high risk. Simply put, you can't balance the dangers of the vaccine against the benefits if you do not know the dangers.

I will also point out, as far as I know, no doctor has entered my case into any national system that tracks potential harm from the vaccine, and if they are not tracking my case what makes you think they are tracking potentially 1000s or even 100,000s of other cases of long term adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.

As to whether you should get additional booster shots, that is up to you, but know the vaccine might not be as safe as they are claiming. And the word "might" is the main problem, when there is doubt that information is being shared then it is impossible to confidently make an informed decision.

In my case, I am done with new or experimental vaccines and pharmaceuticals. I decided to share my story about the potential cumulative effects of the vaccine now since I know people are thinking of getting additional booster shots.
Side Note: If I did not have excellent insurance the health issues I have suffered since the vaccine would have cost about $100,000 to treat so far...

It is of course impossible to associate correlation with causation with a sample size of 1.  But since, to the best of my knowledge, my post vaccine medical problems are not being tracked what makes you think there are not 100,000s of other cases also not being tracked at the national level? 

I have lost all confidence in the CDC and FDA.