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American Cruise Line
Ship: Independence
August 2017

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* Day 0: Arrive in Portland Maine
* Day 1: Board the Ship and hit some "chop".
* Day 2: Bar Harbor
* Day 3 Castine and Belfast

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Day 4: Camden
Day 5: Boothbay Harbor
Day 6: Bath
Day 7: Portland

We are about to board the ship for the first time.
The ship was much smaller than the other ships we have been on.
It only holds about 90 passengers.:

Our Dinner Buddies:


Steven points out really important information!!!!

Bar Harbor: We took a bus tour of Acadia National Park

Tour of Acadia National Park



Lobster Night

Between Bar Harbor and Castine -- Lobster Buoys


Top Deck of the Ship


The "Gym":


Walk to the lighthouse:

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