Maine Cruise (Page 2 of 2)

American Cruise Line
Ship: Independence
August 2017

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* Day 0: Arrive in Portland Maine
* Day 1: Board the Ship and hit some "chop".
* Day 2: Bar Harbor
* Day 3 Castine and Belfast

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Day 4: Camden
Day 5: Boothbay Harbor
Day 6: Bath
Day 7: Portland



Belfast, Maine:


Pilot House Photos:

The wooden stool for the helmsman is so he can't fall asleep!!!!


Camden, Maine

Allows light into the "new" lower part of the library:










Rockland and Rockland to Bath:



Whoes that in the lower left?  I had to catch the next tender in. 


Costal Maine Botanical Gardens:



Bath, Maine

























Portland, Maine

Kite Flying off the back deck.


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