"1900s Photos for the Capsuto photos for Family Reunion"


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PicBox_0378-0547--    Al and Bess 50th plus Syke, Hermie, Libby, Jackie, Eda, Sammy, Becky, Jeanie,  Sussmans and many others. 

PicScn_0002-0093 Photos from Al Capsuto and Bess Capsuto's Wooden Album that looks to be from the 1940s and 1950s... 

Scnas_0267_0285-    Mix of Olive Street photos (Al and Bess's home in Long Beach, NY)  with both sets of grandparents   Nona, Al, Bess and Rhoda, Hermie

PicScn_0217_0377 --  Mix of old photos with Al and Bess Capsuto including early photos..

PicScn_Black_Album_via_iPhone  -  Late 1930s to 1950s  --  Al and Bess.... Nona (Rachel ), Sike , Leon , Rhoda, Hermie, Libby and Perhaps Bruce.

PicBox_0094_0138  -    Al and Bess Capsuto and their children Leon and Rhoda ...  Nona  -- 1930s and 1940s ... 

PicScn_0159-0208 --  Downington Inn in 1972 with AL and Bess Capsuto 

PicScn_0549-0673 -  Nona (Rachel ) and Papoo... Al and Bess.... baby Brenda.......baby Leon, baby Rhoda...  Jeanie, Tommy,Becky, Syke.  (Syke and Howie Photo) ........

Scans_0713-0745_FUN_CHNJ_AL_BESS   Pictures in NJ with Grandpa  Al and Grandma  Bess  



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